About Us

Adventure World is a leader Incoming Tour Operator based in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, covering Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil for over 33 years.

Our unrivaled expertise, unique and innovative products, commitment to excellence and unbeatable competitive advantages have positioned our organization as one of South America’s top incoming tour operators.

From the vast Patagonia in Southern Argentina, to the Amazon Jungle in the North of Brazil, we run a variety of programmes, focused on our clients specific needs. Our programmes are an exciting mix of nature, culture, city life, sports events, heritage sites, discovery, adventure and relax.

Some of our products includes:

  • Patagonia: pristine lakes, majestic glaciers and the stunning Andes range.
  • Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s 7 natural wonders.
  • The best wine tours in Argentina & Chile.
  • World-class Tango and Samba shows and exciting football matches in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
  • The best River Cruise cruising the mighty Amazon for more than 25 years: the M/V Desafio.
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahía.
  • Commercial Missions to Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
  • Educational tours (MBA, Medicals, Congresses etc.).
  • Sports events.

As we mention before, Adventure World offers a unique mixture of options that enables travelers to make their dreams come true. We appreciate your support and trust and it is that support and trust that make us work harder to offer our customers an outstanding service, where the latest technological developments go hand in hand with our professionalism and personal touch.

Several years living in South America