Located 800 meters above sea level, Bariloche holds a very interesting tourist offer. This city, on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, is also surrounded by lakes Guitiérrez, Moreno and Mascardi, as well as by various mounts like Mount Otto, Catedral and Campanario (all of them count with chairlifts to the top), Cerro López, Cerro Capilla and the emblematic Mount Tronador with its eternal snows.
During winter, the excellent quality and quantity of snow (sometime over 2 meters by the end of the season), turn this destination and its spectacular landscapes into a magnet for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.
In the summer, nature lovers take control to enjoy a wide variety of activities like climbing, trekking, trout fishing, horse-back riding and mountain biking.




When to go: Summer: Warm and sunny days, with fresh nights and few rain. Due to its latitude, day light lasts until nearly 22:00 hs. Autumn: Fresh days and cooler nights. Often rain. Winter: Very cold days and nights. Often rain. Spring: Days start getting longer and less rainy. Temperature raises during the day and nights remain cold.

Distance: Bariloche is 1640 km. from Buenos Aires, approximately 20 hours by road or two hours flight.


• Duration: full day

The excursion starts in Bariloche and after a 25 km ride along Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. you arrive at Pañuelo Port. There you board the El Cóndor catamaran and sail to Puerto Blest, on the western coast of Nahuel Huapi Lake. One of the attractions along the way is Centinela islet, where Francisco P. Moreno is buried. Once you arrive at Blest, you can visit the area or continue for another 3 km bus ride to Frías Lake where you sail for 20 minutes the very unique green colored water and enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Tronador, until you reach the Argentinean customs office. Upon returning to Blest Port, you board the catamaran again and navigate to Cántaros Port. A path of steps leads up to Los Cántaros Lake. Along the way, you can admire several cascades along Cántaros river that flows down to Nahuel Huapi Lake. Then we walk down and sail back to Pañuelo Port.

• Lunch, National Park fee and optional Frías Lake sail are not included.


• Duration: full day.

This excursion may begin in Bariloche o Pañuelo Port, on the Llao Llao peninsula. After sailing 30 minutes, you arrive at Anchorena Port on Victoria island. From there you can wander about various trails. On board again, the ship sails northwest towards Quetrihué Port where you will see the world famous Bosque de Arrayanes (myrtle wood), which is absolutely unique and harbors centenary trees. This wood has been declared intangible area and a natural monument. The excursion ends upon return to Pañuelo Port or Bariloche.

• Lunch and National Park fee are not included.


• Duration: half day

 Its name originated in the similarity of its summit with the towers of gothic cathedrals. Catedral Hill is a first-class ski and winter sports resort. The tour begins along Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. heading towards the Llao Llao. When you reach Playa Bonita, you turn left and ride along until you reach the statue of Our Lady of the Snow where you turn right. After leaving behind a salmon farm (pisciculture), you will be at the foothill of this ski resort where you find the necessary infrastructure needed for skiing. From the base there are various ski lifts that take the visitor to the different ski runs.

Return to Bariloche along the same road.

• Lifts not included.


• Departure and return to confirm.

Starts in Bariloche on route 231 along the arm Huemul. Incomparable views lead us to Villa la Angostura. Free Time for lunch. Shipping and navigation to Quetrihue Peninsula, where we visit the Arrayanes Forest. Return of the boat to the town. Exit back to Bariloche.

It does not include park entrance fees, optional navigation to Arrayanes Forest, lunch.

> Optional Excursion to the Arrayanes Forest.

The catamaran sails from Port of Villa La Angostura to Arrayanes Forest, located in the extreme southwest of the peninsula Quetrihué. Due to the characteristics of this area, north of Lake Nahuel Huapi, navigation is extremely quiet and let us enjoy the wonderful surroundings that gives the bays of the Villa (Balsas, Cumelén and Manzano) and the frame of the Andes.

After 45 minutes of sailing, we arrived at the ARRAYANES FOREST, unique in the world by the purity of their samples up to 400 years, with a height of 25 m. and a diameter of 1 m. approximately, and its incomparable and irresistible cinnamon bark color and cold to the touch. 

As the tour operates all year round, you can also enjoy the Forest on days where the snow is present, offering a contrast of colors unmatched.

You´ll walk the forest trails with our professional guides, who, above all things, prioritize the care and respect for nature to preserve our National Park. Also they will tell us interesting anecdotes and stories about the area.

At the end of the tour, you can visit the Forest Tea House, a picturesque house built on 1933, which invites us to enjoy something hot and rich. and why not, take a souvenir of the place.

Without doubt, back to Villa La Angostura, you will be filled of magic, mysteries and beauty of this heavenly place ready for your exclusive enjoyment.


• Duration: full day

This excursion leaves Bariloche northwards along National Route 237, for 21 km until you meet secondary route F. This is a winding road, with natural beauty all around. You go past Manzano Port and arrive in Villa La Angostura. Once you left the village behind, you will be on the Camino de los Siete Lagos, or Seven Lakes Road: these are Correntoso, Espejo, Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso, Machónico, and Meliquina. Finally, you arrive in San Martín de los Andes on the shores of Lácar Lake. The return trip to Bariloche can be through Paso Córdoba or along National Route 40 via Junín de los Andes and La  Rinconada.

• Lunch is not included.


• Duration: half day

The tour starts in Bariloche, riding down Ezequiel Bustillo Ave.: a winding paved road along the Nahuel Huapi lakeshore. At kilometer 8, you come to Playa Bonita, from where you can see Huemul Island. Continuing along this road for another 10 km, and after passing through some beautiful scenery, you arrive at Campanario Hill. A chair lift takes you to the top of the hill (1050 m) from where you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of this region. You will see Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes, El Trébol lagoon, San Pedro and Llao Llao peninsulas, Victoria Island, Otto, López, Goye and Catedral hills, and the main town, San Carlos de Bariloche. Further ahead, and after leaving San Pedro peninsula behind, you reach Llao Llao peninsula, with its namesake hilltop hotel and San Eduardo Chapel, two architectural jewels of this region, and you go by Pañuelo Port, the starting point of many lake excursions. Further on you will go by a golf course, cross the bridge over the Angostura river that joins Nahuel Huapi Lake with Moreno Lake, and pass by López Bay at the base of López Hill. Further on, you get to the Panoramic Point, a belvedere with a magnificent view of Moreno Lake and Llao Llao peninsula. Then you will cross the bridge over Moreno Lake at a narrow end, follow the shoreline of El Trébol lagoon, and 2 km ahead you meet Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. again and return to Bariloche.

• Lifts are not included.


• Duration: full day

You leave our office northwards along National Route 237, cross the outlet of Nahuel Huapi Lake and the spring of Limay river, geographical limit between the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén. Following Limay river, you pass by the Amphitheater and then go on towards the Valle Encantado (enchanted valley) and Confluencia Traful, a region of transition between the Patagonian steppe and the Patagonian Andean forest. Leaving behind Route 237, you take Provincial Route 65 west, towards Villa Traful bordering Traful river until you reach a natural balcony overlooking Traful Lake. The road continues bordering the lake, passes through Villa Traful and head towards Arrayanes Port. From there you go on up, through a shady forest, to El Portezuelo (940 m a.s.l.)  where you  meet the Seven Lakes Road going southwards and you border lakes Correntoso, Bailey Willis, and Espejo. Finally you take along National Route 231 towards Villa La Angostura. From here, there is an optional sail to Arrayanes Wood. When we continue our ride, we will reach Nahuel Huapi Lake once again and take National Route 237 that leads back to Bariloche.

• Lunch, National Park fee and optional sail to Arrayanes wood are not included.